a shift inside

So einer Bewegung "von ferne" zuzusehen kann immer mehr Fragen stimulieren, und so surfe ich durch. Da bleibe ich hängen: " ... evidence of a shift inside the top of the Gaza Freedom March. When we got to Cairo we had been led chiefly by the American antiwar group Code Pink. But after that group’s decision to accept the Egyptian government’s offer of two buses of 100 people to visit Gaza, instead of all 1400 marchers, Code Pink had been attacked and even conceded error; and the result was that Europeans who were harder-line than we Americans took over some of the organizing function. I don’t think anyone would say that this was not a good thing...."

Ich frag mich dann manchmal ob ich den Eindruck des Berichterstatters (und in welchen Nuancen) teilen möchte. Egal - das Ganze ist einfach beeindruckend, und muß einfach wirken.